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Gay Males Line Safety Tips

  1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Do not get so overwhelmed by what someone tells you on the other line. You do not know this person well and you are not sure if that person is saying the truth about himself/herself. So better to start slow and get to know the person first before sharing something personal about you.
  2. For our free phone chat trial, Gay Males Line observes anonymity for all our local singles. We believe this is the safest option to meet local singles on the phone. But in the long run, we do not have control on what you would like to share. So for your own safety, we discourage you to give away any personal information that may lead to your identity.
  3. Schedule a meet up whenever you're ready. Gay Males Line do not oblige members to meet-up in person. On the other hand, no one should pressure you to meet anyone. So, until you know you are ready, the decision is just yours to make.
  4. Always use caution and common sense. Trust should be earned gradually. Do not let anyone pressure you to trust them. If you think that someone is pressuring you about this, you can block that person.
  5. Conduct your own homework of doing some little background check on the person you are interested in. Remember that we at Gay Males Line do not share any personal information on members, thus, we do not have any of that information on hand. So we suggest that you do your homework of conducting some background check first before even going on a more personal and serious relationship with the person you meet on Gay Males Line.
  6. It would be best to meet-up with someone in a safe and crowded place. Do not ever schedule your first meeting in your house. Also, you should tell a friend or relative where you are going and leave your contact information, in case you do not come home at the agreed time.
  7. If you finally decided to meet someone, you should set a place that is safe and is on public grounds like malls, cafes, restaurants, and so on. Do not arrange a date in your own home or even let your date fetch you there. Also, it is better that you inform your friend or relative where you plan to go with your date and what time you will be coming home.

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